The United States COSPLAY is how to shape?

Article Date(s):12/12/2016

Since the seventeenth century, Jesuit priest Athanasius Kircher invented the "magic slide", the emergence of animation has become a necessity. The "magic slides" became popular in Europe in the following century, and until the late 1830s when Walt Disney's little mouse appeared, the American animation style had a definite Definition, and the history of the first to animate characters as the object of COSPLAY is also out of this period. Yes, there is no doubt that along with the lovely Trolltech Mickey Mouse in the United States and the world of this popular all the time. Walt Disney saw the opportunity to create the world's first Disneyland in 1955 in a timely manner. At the same time, in order to promote the product itself and to better attract tourists, Walt Disney also invited staff to wear Mickey Mouse clothing for visitors to enjoy or take pictures. Therefore, it can be said that the original group of obscure "Mickey Mouse" dresser is now the world's COSPLAYER the real ancestors. And it can also be seen, COSPLAY the initial shape of the purpose is still out of a commercial form rather than as it is now a popular taste of consumption. The United States, or more precisely, that Disney will be the real birthplace of COSPLAY fact, there is a very important basis, that is, when the Disney dress who wear COSPLAY clothing professional production. Although the COSPLAY clothing to the present, there are many who are their own dress up. However, as a COSPLAY the origin, with a standardized and systematic organization of the clothing production is a necessary condition.

Originally the Walt Disney Company's previous props department, the COSPLAY costume that was originally dressed as Mickey Mouse, Bruto, Goofy, Donald Duck and other Disney characters at Disneyland. Soon after the formal establishment of the park, Walt Disney expanded the size of the Ministry of props, in addition to props for film and television production, but also responsible for all the work required in the paradise COSPLAY clothing. Of course, these early so-called COSPLAY dress is only a fixed shape of the "big paper bag", there is no beauty at all, the relative is relatively rough finished, the dresser to wear this dress is very easy to occur after the phenomenon of shortness of breath. But anyway, compared to the time, then Disney's COSPLAY apparel production has been considered to have a certain size.