[ What is Lolita? ]
Some people think that as long as wearing a black and white T-shirt plus lace dress, it is already Lolita, some people think that Lolita dress is not just dress, in fact, is a spiritual thought, on behalf of ignoring the world norms, sui generis. Basically, the concept of Lolita is along the European court, princess, doll series of clothing, in Japan Harajuku carry forward the streets to become a fashion style.

[ Loli three groups ]
1. Sweet Love Lolita - pink, pink blue, white and other pink series, the choice of a large number of clothing lace, to create a doll-like cute and Lan Man. General girls tend to cute dolls clothing, so play Lolita also to play sweet love more. Fukada Kyoko's play in the shape of this.
2. Elegant Gothic Lolita - the main color for the black and white, is characterized by the mysterious terror and death to express the feeling. Do not like the lovely dress Lolita lovers alternative. Usually accompanied by cross silverware, black nails and eye shadow, with a mysterious and elegant temperament.
3. Classic Lolita - Basically similar to Sweet Lolita, but with minimalist tones, cut to express elegance, plain colors (such as brown and white). Lace skirt body lace will be less than the Sweet Lolita, and lotus folds is the biggest feature, showing a noble and elegant style. As the design is relatively plain, it is particularly suitable for some early play Lolita Fans.

[ Origin of Lolita ]
Lolita from the Russian-American famous writer Nabokov (Vladimir Nabokov) published in 1955, the novel "Lolita", after Stanley Kou Bilike (Stanley Kubrick) adapted into the movie "a tree pear pressure Begonia," describes a Bit middle-aged professor and 12-year-old girl's entanglement relationship, actress named Lolita. Since then, the Japanese will be "Lolita" become synonymous with innocent and adorable girl, the girl under the age of 14 is called "Lolita generation", referred to as "Loli". In 1997, the film "Lolita" was remade, popular in Japan, Harajuku street began to rise in the palace doll look fashion trend.

[ Lolita is not equal to Cosplay! ]
Gothic & Lolita is a clothing style, Cosplay is a role-playing activities, must not be confused. In fact, this misunderstanding occurs because a lot of comic characters wearing Gothic & Lolita costumes, such as "Ku Luo magic" wood of the cherry, "Chobits" Chi, etc., they are very popular role, resulting in Gothic & Lolita confused with Cosplay.

[ Lolita is a noble lady stuff? ]
Play peach to spend huge sums to buy Lolita shirt, in fact, just because she loves "Baby" such brand name. In Japan, these Lolita brand skirt, easily over a thousand! But in fact, Japan and Hong Kong have a lot of Loli will do it yourself, the cost is only about $ 100, more than to go to the Saga dressing, depending on whether you have the mind.

[ Older Lolita ]
In Japan, Lolita in addition to girls, but also a lot of mature women support. Japan's Loli sent Mommy more often wear "Pink House" this brand. "Pink House" fashion from a Canadian film "Anne of Green Gables", but in recent years, "Pink House" has been Japan, the loss of the original rural elegance.

Psychology of Lolita
Lolita is not only a fashion trend, but also the way young people need to express their feelings, or make up for lack of self-protection of self-defense armed. As the developmental psychologist Eric Johnson points out, young people are in the stage of "self-awareness and confusion". They often have innocence and dreams, have the desire to get rid of the realities of restriction, and need to find themselves, so uninhibited and wild challenges Tradition, expect to get attention, understanding, recognition and real acceptance.

[ Play Lolita professional tricks ]
1. anti-emptied ladies sitting - about to bury out of people playing Loli, of course, to sit low exchange, but in many places, forced to sit, it is necessary to study the elegant dense sitting position!
2. Paper bag loaded magic weapon - to carry with all the play Loli clothing and accessories, and no assistant, the most important to bring a convenient easy to carry the paper bag, you can always on the ground, reduce the burden.