Japan is now the true meaning of the founder of COSPLAY it?

Article Date(s):12/13/2016

At this moment in Japan, because the 1947 comic god Osamu Tezuka according to the original adaptation of Sakai seven horses from the red book comic book "New Treasure Island" hard-edged, and in Japan set off a wave of new comic boom. As a result, Japan's ACG (Anime, Comic, Game) market boom, which in order to truly establish ACG in Japan has laid a solid foundation. Just at this time, the kind of Disney propaganda for the activities (COSPLAY) was introduced to Japan, with the ACG community from the same good imitation, the result is a wave, has become the Japanese ACG community is now the normal activities. Japan's first COSPLAY appeared in the Showa three decades this period (AD 1955), when the so-called COSPLAY only children's games between a dress. In that year happens to be the "Moonlight Mask" and "Young Jeter" in Japan, the year of hot praise, so there are many children at the time is COSPLAY these two works of the hero. Although COSPLAY at this time is purely a child between the stuff, but in the clothing is still quite particular about, of course, the premise is to have money. At that time, Japan did not specifically COSPLAY clothing store, the children if you want to have the same hero in the animation with the same clothing, then you must first draw a good design drawings, and then go to the department store, please people sewing. Today's well-known game producer Hiroki Prince child COSPLAY costume design, that is, please from his home near a geisha street geisha for him to draw. This relatively crude situation has been maintained for nearly two decades, until the early 70s and early 80s Japan ACG experienced exploration and growth period, as the ACG subsidiary culture of COSPLAY was gradually the real development, can Said today's COSPLAY concept is fully inherited at the time of Japan.

However, in the 80's, COSPLAY in Japan has been in the higher age groups and more groups on the development, but still did not hold a true sense of the pure COSPLAY activities. COSPLAY at this time is more dependent on the ACG brought about by another culture - colleagues (whose works are known as Djin Ren Chi) side. "Dirge" is derived from Japan, originally referred to as "a group of people with the same interest, to create their own literary and artistic works, known as the doujinshi." In other words, as long as like-minded friends, will publish their literary and artistic works into a volume, not by commercial publishing house publishing, but their own pocket printing, circulation among the same can be called "doujinshi." Because of the popularity of Japanese anime and video game culture, many good popular works among the popular among the popular, "the commercial work to be adapted, the preparation of the form of comic Outsourcing" will gradually become the mainstream of fellow industry. As a result, a large number of associations have been formed, and in order to recruit members and to sell their products in the same community, the first sale of the Hokkaido sale began in December 1975, when only 32 organizations participated, The number of people more than 600 small people that will be sold, but in the eighties to become a year two to three times the super-large doujinshi that will be sold) on the sales of their colleagues, the members of the community have to dress Into a cartoon or video game to attract people to come to visit the booth, in Japan this phenomenon is known as "see version of Mother." So this trend as the explosion in the general between the general caused by a rapid trend, joined the ranks of the number of COSPLAY rapid growth, and later its degree of popularity even with the Peoples will be comparable to that sale will be.

In the sixties and seventies of the naive, after the start of the eighties, the 1990s COSPLAY ACG industry in Japan accompanied by the rapid maturity of the GAME industry (the most typical is Nintendo, Sega and Sony between the next generation machine And the visual orchestra of the endless stream and began to get on track to become a very large subsidiary of the ACG industry culture. In the nineties, the Japanese ACG industry successfully held a large number of cartoon exhibitions and games show, at this time of the Japanese comics and video game companies in order to promote their products, in the game show and comic festival to get some men and women COSPLAY into ACG Role to attract exhibitors. This move can be said that with the Walt Disney Disneyland when the same, which shows COSPLAY the formation and development of the key is based on the degree of commercialization of the ACG itself can be said to be COSPLAY as a commercial Of the promotional tools, COSPLAY itself may be considerable development and awareness.