From cosplay to lolita

Article Date(s):12/20/2016

Regardless of age, regardless of age, regardless of class, as long as you love to play, as long as you still survived fantasy, as long as you have extraordinary imagination and creativity, but also a lot of people, You can join the ranks of cosplay, experience the role of change to bring you the joy and satisfaction, with fantasy bliss.

Cosplay and the general imitation is not the same, it is not simply imitate a person's movements and appearance, not only pay attention to the shape of a more pay attention to the spirit of the performance characteristics of objects, with the general show different. Cospaly is not to seek excitement, the performance of bizarre attention, but to show the inner love of an image. Cosplayer show is not his own but to show the role, regardless of appearance, regardless of height, regardless of fat, watch Cosplay is not to look at the beautiful and handsome guy, but to see how cosplayer from the external and internal interpretation of a role, interpretation of the entry point is what. At the same time, people who play cosplay not only in the role to meet their desire for a role, more is to enjoy the success of cos (play) a role in the process. You can own design, making clothing, make-up, feel a life from your hands the joy of birth and sense of accomplishment, through cosplay can also be met to like-minded cosplayer, both entertainment and entertainment.

Cosplay, people will naturally pull it and loli Juan ta, in fact, the two are not the same, cosplay is a role-playing activities, and lolita is a dress style, not to be confused, but we can not deny them both Because of the many play cosplay are wearing lolita-style clothing, through the cosplay, lolita costumes were pulled into our line of sight, and then the lolita has not become an fashion trend.

Any trend has its causes, caused by the external trigger, lolita although popular in the cosplay, but did not evolve into a trend, because a film of the trigger, lolita this particular costume jumped out from the cosplay, And even as a man also play lolita, instant lolita costumes everywhere, lolita costume from the point of view, but also a lot of love, but also for the children, adolescents and adults love and esteem, Into a grid, a new landscape of fashion.

Pink, black and white, lace, floral, lotus leaf fold, these are the basis for determining whether you dress lolita. Lolita wind to monopoly lolita clothing shops scattered rapidly in major cities, and lolita clothing is not cheap, a lolita costume a thousand dollars, love lolita-style if you feel that the price is not acceptable to even Try to make their own hands from the body to wear clothes to the head with the headdress, the hands of the packet, the neck around the jewelry, sewing their own stitches, I wonder if you can feel the share of satisfaction and sense of accomplishment ?

Lolita represents innocent, innocent, clear, soft, rich life of the girl image, she is a white angel, sweet little devil, indulgent little beauty, cunning little fox, the men have Lolita complex, A woman dressed as a Lolita girl, thin arm thin legs, wearing a lace inlaid flower skirt, incarnation of the temptation of the sun under the matte finish of the wizard, turned into a lovely princess surrounded by gentlemen. In Japan, lolita wind strong, popular among women, a "princess holiday" travel, you can let the mediocre housewives and small companies as the fairy tale Cinderella, like, transformed into a European princess dance party, become That let a man fascinated by the small lolita, feeling the attention and surrounded by the limelight.