COSPLAY origin

Article Date(s):12/12/2016

COSPLAY talked about the original origin, and now we generally agree that the birthplace of COSPLAY will be located in Japan, of course, if this is based on the concept of COSPLAY as the benchmark is indeed the case can be so. But if the broad sense, the real origin of the animation COSPLAY is definitely located in the Western Hemisphere of the United States, even if you really want to explore from the COSPLAY original form, I can not hesitate to tell you COSPLAY earliest appearance is in the first year Of the centuries! Because the Greek sacrifices that had existed around 1000 BC, or the co-creation of two great Greek epics, the Iliad and the Odyssey, were active in the great 8th century BC Bards, they (in fact) are playing the role of others. The former into the future generations of the prophet, the foresight, the success of the COSPLAY the existence of the Apostles of God, while the latter is as the originator of the current stage drama, superb COSPLAY those heroes heroes deeds. In fact, COSPLAY to include and dress up the meaning of not only refers to a visual appearance, more importantly, to COSPLAY people's heart. Well, get down to business. Next to continue to talk about COSPLAY the real birthplace - the United States.