COSPLAY how to avoid being photographed tutorial

Article Date(s):12/19/2016

On the premise, there are dangerous cosplayer object is 99% female cosplayer, cosplayer female cosplay not only in the venue when a lot of attention to the side there are no people holding the camera, or the direction of the lens is not right people, but at the same time, cosplayer itself May have no time to exhaustive in the activities, taking into account every aspect, so cosplay dress, well prepared to do is also very important.

Basically, to avoid being photographed the easiest way is not to cos too sexy role, but if there is cos necessary or interest, but also hope cosplayer preparatory work in advance can be very perfect, so even if they were photographed, they can not shoot Any dangerous lens, cosplayer is the final protection.

First of all, in this exhort everyone, no matter what cos role, which is best to wear a cotton clothes, so you can completely avoid the so-called "infrared perspective" photographic equipment, and swing action, it is best to avoid too much Easy exposure of the action (such as short skirts to avoid squatting, etc.), and to avoid some of the more sensational action (such as wearing low chest bent down, etc.), the venue has been an important part of women who shot specifically to avoid these actions is to Their more protection.

The following are common items:

1. Safety pants:

This is easy to buy, from the appearance of the general just like a simple shorts, color, there are many kinds of role can be played in accordance with the next to buy, the main purpose is in addition to underwear, the more a layer of protection.


Mini skirt, short skirt, or the role of high fork

2. Chest paste:

This looks like two circular adhesive tape, is basically attached to the chest, the protection of the upper body of the last line of defense, when the film is probably more than half of the chest, the main use is the most dangerous part of the upper body Block, if the heart from a more strange point of view, or in the swing when the neglect of their upper body clothes off, you can remedy.


Low-cut, or upper body clothes less role

3. Transparent shoulder strap (underwear)

Some people do not want to wear underwear because they are afraid to be seen by the color of their shoulder straps when they fall in love with their shoulders, or when they leave their backs. This is a "very dangerous" action. Because many of the clothes are played by their own hands, or additional custom-made, and sometimes not so fit, and strong, many people in the venue situation, there is no guarantee that some unexpected things happen, so the above risk behavior, Through the transparent straps underwear, you can prevent (such protective effect of chest paste up better), according to friends, there are behind the lace are transparent species, for cos back empty role, it is helpful ( A friend added, it is best not to wear underwear without straps, but also a special transparent straps, some do not have the role of shoulder strap, then you can use to prevent the clothing will not fall down


Strapless, back empty role

4. flesh-colored tights:

Compared to the above several protective measures, this is the most secure, because almost the entire wrap, and the camera is said to be the effect is not too obvious, so cos clothing scale can make more concessions.


Cos clothing is not common sense, the skin exposed to higher clothes

5. Swimwear:

Function and tights almost

6. Tape (double-sided adhesive)

This can be said cosplay essential goods, not only in clothing, equipment, broken can be an emergency remedy, in the protection of their own, is also necessary.