Cosplay Basics On Wigs

Article Date(s):11/21/2016

1. Coaplay Wigs Basically, divided into plastic wire drawing (the cheapest) and animal hair, in our regular contact with the plastic drawing wig, there are many: good: Kasi and Marensi quality is better, Feel smooth and easy to comb, there will be no strong flash. The former hair thinner flying feeling, which is relatively thick hair hanging down. Of course, this level of hair price is relatively high, poor: poor contact with the hair is Han silk, also known as pp wire or K wire. This silk is not smooth, easy knot, the most terrible is the sense of flash is too strong, the extreme front of the camera fake, the only advantage is cheap. The same length of the wig, Han silk price is almost one-half to one-third of the card, a Japanese silk, domestic silk, mixed silk, etc.; both price and quality are between the above two.

2. To buy a wig, in addition to the hair itself, but also pay special attention to several points: the shape of bangs (common is a bangs, no bangs, across the board, close your face), whether the scalp (that is fleshy head piece of plastic (Generally known as the demarcation of the first road wig has plasticity and then a lot of hard), hair color network (in general, dark hair can be used black hair network, shallow hair Color wig to use flesh-colored or white hair network), whether the network can be adjusted and so on.

3. With a wig, the first step is to beam real hair. It is recommended to put their hair tied around the two, and then were folded with a clip plate in the head, and other hair clamping, to determine the forehead is not scattered under the broken hair, and then put on a headgear, and further beam live hair. In this way, and then with a wig will not reveal true hair. And the sub-tied around the technology to ensure that even if the hair is very long, but also safely put away.

4. Comb the wig, remember not to use plastic comb! You can use iron comb, wooden comb, horn comb, as long as they can prevent static on the line. (Because the static wig will make a serious knot) If you need to organize the scene in the animation show wig, there is no tool, then hand to order than plastic comb better.

5. buy a bottle of wig for hair oil, when combing the hair oil, will be easier to smooth.

6. Never expect to be able to fully comb the wig smooth - that is, after all, no life, how could it be so easy on the whole flow? The longer the wig, the easier it is to tie. Therefore, the carding principle is: as long as the surface looks smooth on the OK. (Anyway, COS is also the surface of the effort.)

7. Wiping cleaning method: put it in cold water soak, add a little common shampoo, gently squeeze, remove, with a towel attached to the outside to dry the water, then it draped in a cool Place dry. All right not to wash wig, this thing once a short wash life ... ...

8. wig afraid of heat. So do not use a hair dryer.

9. A lot of wigs in the purchase will give a hair network. This thing is very easy to throw, it can not you have a good wig when it is not to protect the scattered.

10. After each use, carefully collected in the cupboard. Please carefully put it flat, avoid folding, to avoid stress, otherwise it will be deformed. Do not let your pet close to it.