Cosplay activities before and after the note

Article Date(s):12/16/2016

Cosplay has now become a fashion, more and more people to join the ranks, but the newcomer to first come to the total there are always more or less not to take into account, and now we introduce the next before and after the cos should do? Pay attention to what matters!

1: the day before the cosplay event, props, and COSPLAYER who must check their accessories and clothing, props group check sound, microphone, CD and other items are not damaged and lost, COSER to check the clothes, the road has no damage or Lost, make-up group Check whether the cosmetics with Qi.

2: COS day, if it is morning COS, as early as 5 am or so, if it is noon on the morning around 7 o'clock, if it is night, as far as possible in the morning to the ~ There is, COS time must be punctual, not Can be late.

3: In the way to the scene, try not to loud noise and running around, nor can play slapstick, try to avoid a lot of people, and can not put COS props everywhere.

4: to the site must be rules of standing in a place, can not run around, and do not loud noise in the scene, listen to the arrangements of their superiors.

5: others in the catwalk, do not look behind the stage, in others singing, do not follow the loud singing in the background, they do not dry, do not go to the auditorium up!

6: catwalk, pay attention to the action is not appropriate or will go through or emptied like ~

7: to avoid being photographed.

8: COSER after the camera, pay attention to the photographer, please respect the copyright, please write the words team.

9: If a newspaper wants to interview or photography, please note that they will not make a bad report on COSPLAY.