Coser professional thin Face tips

Article Date(s):12/19/2016

Now cosplay is very fire play, but how to do a professional coser, today teach you thin face tips, so that everyone from the professional coser further.

Skills thin face massage method 1:

Specific steps:

STEP1: make-up paper dipped in makeup water on both sides, starting from the chin beat, has been extended to the ear Department, not too much effort.

STEP2: from the inside out, from bottom to top pat on the cheek and forehead 50 to 100, until the make-up cotton fast out again when the make-up water, otherwise it is easy to pull to the skin.

STEP3: After the end of the beat with a warm palm cover the whole face, can be slightly up to make skin more compact.


Sooner or later use the make-up water along the texture of the skin, to take from the bottom up, tapping from the inside way to make the outline of the face more compact, more transparent skin, tender and smooth.

Handsome thin face massage method 2:

Specific steps:

STEP1: hands forehead, thumb gently massage the temple; the other four fingers from the forehead of the central start, slowly to both sides of the push; massage when the whole person to relax, especially the face, finger strength to feel comfortable for their best.

STEP2: tap with both hands before the ear ear, gently down the jaw along the direction of massage back and forth 6 to 8 times.

STEP3: light eyes closed, relax the eye muscles; clock in the brain imagine the clock, clockwise direction from a point to start thinking, to reach the 12 o'clock position and then counterclockwise to imagine.

Simple: ★★★★★

Massage can choose special massage cream, cleansing oil can also be used with the emulsion mixture, remember to use facial cleanser after cleansing the face wash, and then routine care procedures.

Thin hand massage method

Specific steps:

STEP1: to clavicle as the center, to the inside of the bottom of the press, the body toxins;

STEP2: put your finger on the shoulder, elbow swing back and forth over the head, do 8 times;

STEP3: both hands from the bottom of the ears began to gently pull, stimulate the lymph also promote the face with the head of the blood circulation;

STEP4: round with the pulp to massage the sides of the head, like pulling the muscles back to the same. So you can enhance facial lines;

STEP5: press the brow with the thumb pulp 3 seconds, repeat 3 times, so you can reduce intraocular pressure;

STEP6: press the middle finger directly under the black eyes for 3 seconds, can eliminate eye fatigue, dilute dark circles;

STEP7: fist of the second joint placed on the cheek cheekbones below, as the meat pushed up to do the same 3 times;

STEP8: face up to raise the tongue to the maximum limit to keep about 5 seconds to do 3 times, you can solve the double chin.

Simple: ★★★★

Yoga can not only correct the face, you can also cultivate heart, this section of thin face yoga can improve facial lines, remove the nasolabial folds, to solve the double chin. After the completion of a skin tightening mask!

Thin hand massage method four

Specific steps:

STEP1: with the index finger and middle finger pulp from the eyebrows along the eyebrows to the direction of eyebrows circle circle massage, slightly at the end of the Department of Rachel, repeated 5 times;

STEP2: with the right palm from the left to right to relieve the forehead, and then change the left palm with the left hand from the right to ask the forehead;

STEP3: with the index finger to the little finger and other 4 fingers, starting from the nose as the starting point along the zygomatic press to the ear before the depression lymphatic, repeated 5 times;

STEP4: cover the right cheek with the left palm, along the chin to the left ear under the lymphatic lymph nodes; back to the right palm covered left cheek Lati to the right ear lymph, repeated 5 times.

Simple: ★★★★★

Facial massage can not only reduce the daily cumulative pressure, but also to create more slim facial lines, with the face compact essence, the effect is more prominent.