COSER how to maintain the skin

Article Date(s):12/13/2016

1. Skin moisturizing secret. This may be a lot of COS have met, hehe ~ After washing your face with cucumber honey to be a mask it. (Remember the ratio is 1 to 3 oh ~ can not afford the whitening effect). In addition to this, there are a lot of oh ~ 8 had me difficult to say that slightly ~ to say ~ one is enough ~

2. Remove the secret Peas freckles. Hey ~ I never face the Peas and freckles ~ because I have not mutiny was eliminated slightly ~ ha ha ~ secret lies in my mask pull red wine, honey and lemon. The proportion of red wine and honey is 1 to 1, and lemon exchange to use, lemon peel inside a melanin, so take the peel removed, lemon seeds also have melanin, so have to remove, because the lemon inside the citric acid content , Preferably with salt blisters 5--15 minutes in the use of more. Hey ~

3. Eliminate black secret. Elimination of blackheads only by the banana plus milk banana plus milk plus milk can help face whitening, do both.