COS clothing design common five major problems

Article Date(s):11/21/2016

Animation shop cosplay costume design of the five common problems listed here, so that everyone in the production to avoid the same mistakes.

1.  the pattern of uneven color, because when writing light weight, or paint is too thick, it is recommended that you write, please keep the same intensity, and add the right amount of water inside the pigment.

2.  thick lines when the fine is not grasp the line when the line strength is good, in the hook when the line strength to be consistent. Lines intermittent, the pigment is too dry, please add appropriate amount of water to reconcile the use.

3.  the dry paint pattern feel, first, because the animation shop too thick paint, to add water to reconcile. Second, repeat the same amount of paint in the same place, pay attention to paint in the same place when not more than three layers.

4.  the pattern of water seepage lines, is the reason for adding too much pigment, or pen is not washed dry water, or cosplay clothing has been wet.

5, painted the wrong line or painted the wrong color, not anxious to wipe with water, can not immediately take to wash. After the pigment is dried, it is covered with a white pigment, and the white pigment is dry and then coated with the correct line.