Anime COS original costume design experience to draw

Article Date(s):12/22/2016

What is the original reference? The original is also known as imitation, such as: pious imitation (fear of others), competitive imitation (Superman first class), imitated worryingly (with others the same but not outdated, outdated), imitate: direct imitation , Monkeys learn to smoke), indirect imitation (accumulation, summary, comparison, memory, etc.), creative imitation (excellent innovation, rebel inheritance). In fact, Cosplay costumes design is the pioneer of the creation and invention, bold design, bold transformation, bold and practical new technology, new materials, new technology of the whole process. Cosplay costume design concept to some extent with the suit custom process is the same, in a way, in fact, in the mind to choose the style. Design is a kind of creation, but not invented, no previous design without a person does not exist. Therefore, the design must learn from their predecessors. Cos costumes design is even more so, because the process of costumes change is continuous, each costumes are in the history of human cultural changes on the way, are bearing the past. To learn from their predecessors, we must humbly learn and study their achievements and experience. COS costumes customization, the first must learn the history of costumes, because in order to accurately grasp the design of the current epidemic, we must understand the process of change in the past costumes, but also to the current animation game is not cold, master animation games The law of change. What is a popular game, which is the favorite people, in order to surpass the predecessors in the design, we must first learn to make their own costumes COS predecessors historical experience and traditional skills. Not only to learn the history of Chinese costumes, but also to learn the history of Western costumes, costumes history of Japan, but also the world's existing national costumes. Especially for our Chinese people, in the face of all kinds of international fashion, in the absorption and reference, will have their own views and ideas, rather than blindly copy and copy other people's COS works. In addition, drawing attention to breadth, in addition to ancient and modern animation culture, other areas should try to study and study. Because costumes is a comprehensive cultural phenomenon, related to the social sciences and natural sciences in various fields. Cosplay costumes designers work is complex, it is necessary to be able to grasp the historical trend of the time and market changes, but also know yourself and the strength of competitors, but also the ability and strength of production, to achieve their own design intent , For the enterprise profits. Therefore, the custom Cosplay costume designer to designer suits have a wide range of cultivation and rich experience, to love life, are interested in all things, have a strong curiosity. This idea in the design, in order to open up wide-ranging ideas. Only "standing on the shoulders of giants" in order to design a higher than the predecessors of the animation costumes works.