Anime COS knitwear how to wash and maintenance

Article Date(s):12/22/2016

COS knitted costumes before washing, take the dust on the following 30 ℃ water soak 10 to 20 minutes, squeeze out the water after the dry, into the detergent solution or soap solution gently scrub, and then rinse with water. In order to ensure the color of yarn, in the water trickle down 2% acetic acid (vinegar can be) to neutralize the residual soap. Can also be used for washing tea (white clothes is best not to use this method). To a clear water, put the amount of tea, until the tea bubble through, cool water, filter out the tea, the sweater (line) on the tea soak for 15 minutes, and then gently rub a few times, then rinse with water. Can clean the dust, but also make the wool does not fade, to extend the service life. If there is printing on the knitting, washing can not be pulled, not rubbing, twisting. So as not to destroy the shape of printing. White knitwear to wear a long time will gradually black. If the knitwear washed into the refrigerator after 1 hour, and then remove the dry, you can white as new. If the dark knit goods stained with dust, sponge can be squeezed with water, gently wipe. 2, COS knitted garments should be dry after washing dry, dry place on the ventilation, the best flat and placed in accordance with the original costumes to avoid deformation. Do not hang with hangers hanging. Should avoid sun exposure, knitwear drying with steam ironing plastic, and then dry to dry can wear and collection; ironing temperature control in 150 ℃ below, ironing pressure can not be too large, to be used in half To provide a method for iron ironing, the main use is to use the steam knitted fabric of the ring knot shape stereotypes. To stereotypes effect. If a part of the reduction can be used to restore the size of the horizontal ironing before backwashing. A printing position can not be ironed to prevent the printing off. Large body must be hot, collar to round, symmetrical parts to the length of the same pressure to natural uniformity. Knitwear, such as wearing a long time, some parts of the gray light. Available vinegar, water, half of the mixture sprayed about, after washing can be restored as is. Hosiery in storage, it is best not to take the suspension, the best way is to put flat after ironing. For embroidery, patch embroidery or beads and other processes of knitwear, you need to pay attention to the washing, storage, damage to these parts during storage is best stacked inside, do not directly contact with other costumes. Storage time Open the closet regularly, ventilation and ventilation to keep dry, to prevent mildew.