Anime COS costumes correct ironing skills

Article Date(s):12/22/2016

Cosplay costumes is both a winning magic weapon, Coser is also a favorite baby, a good Cosplay costumes coupled with exquisite cos makeup, in fact, cos played a crucial role, and a fine workmanship Cosplay costumes But also valuable, natural learning some Cosplay costumes maintenance is essential.

So today to tell you some of the iron ironing clothes when the temperature, as well as the correct ironing method. Hope that we all satisfied ~ ~

 When the iron in the 60 - 100 degrees, the water droplets do not disperse under the iron, no sound

100--140 degrees, the water droplets spread out, the sound of laughter

140-160 degrees, the water droplets immediately scattered into small water droplets, issued a few sounds

160 - 180 degrees, the small water droplets after rolling not seen, issued a few flutter sound

180 degrees to 220 degrees, immediately issued the sound of the sound of fluttering attention Oh, because the monarch had been seat next to the students of the steam iron in the arm left a nail size of the crescent scar, the result that the pain ah, The result is the steam iron fear, with the Red Star brand iron iron. So the above method to test the temperature of the iron, if it is steam iron does not matter, all have a temperature engraving can be adjusted, in addition to inconvenience that is to add water. Here to tell everyone in cos costumes production is completed after the ironing temperature and method.

Fabric to buy the first low-temperature hot, so that the fabric shrink.

Cotton with a temperature of 180-220 if the hot color of the fabric clothes to the dark side of the hot

Ma 140-160 temperature hot front smooth ironing, folds at the Department can not iron.

Wire 100-140 temperature hot iron can not be iron hot, semi-dry in the fabric to the back of hot, after the completion of the production is not hot

Hair 120-160 temperature hot in the back covered with a damp cloth ironing, otherwise the color will be shallow, done a nana coat appeared this problem, but fortunately the sleeve, the sleeves of the pieces replaced.

Polyester 140-160 is the same as cotton

(Especially the men's shirt collar, such as Kidd's blue shirt), the temperature is not high, the temperature is not high, You can then fabric, lining and iron with the middle of a costumes version of the kraft paper with the effect of this can be an unexpected effect of hot coke for us is a fabric defect if the area is particularly large or significant parts, it had to cut If the area is relatively small, you can use the fabric to the flaw, only for a small area, there can be used to test the same pattern fabric sewing in the above, and then is in the hot coke with a decorative band for decoration In the sd clothes) in the edge of hot coke, with a cuffed side of the secret test into a small lace volume like, if the fabric is flexible, it will roll directly in the ironing clothes, hand pull fabric to achieve the expansion effect. On the lining of the hot method, because spinning cheaper prices, but also easy to glue, the temperature is not high, hot when using pressure hot, that is, in a place you can press the Kazakhstan. Kraft paper on the best re-use on the very good, do not move well after the hot, let it cool.