About Ace Attorney

Article Date(s):11/21/2016

"Ace Attorney" game series is the CAPCOM company produced the court debate AVG game, the player plays in the game defense lawyer, in the forensic rules of the forensic debate with the prosecutor, through the deterrence and challenge the suspect and the relevant witness for the commission A person acquires a verdict for the ultimate purpose of victory.

The "Ace Attorney" game series features courtroom debates and evidence investigations in which the player plays defense lawyers through ingenious and surprising reasoning, finding the key contradictory case from a variety of false testimonies, finding the case by means of convincing reasoning Behind the murderers. Because "Ace Attorney" game series to subversive case reasoning as the key to promoting the game plot, "reversal" word has become synonymous with the game.

"Ace Attorney" game series Since 2001, the game in the GBA platform since the market, its innovative gameplay and the game brings a sense of stimulating investment has been the praise of many gamers, the follow-up works were landing NDS and 3DS platform, and was Ported to PC and smartphone platforms.